"Solidarity Through Integrity"
                          "Solidarity Through Integrity"

Our Mission!

As the creators of Ubuntu Soul LLC, we have very specific desires and goals for our company. We have and intend to continue to, operate as a family centered business. For this reason, we are building our company with the help of our immediate family members and some very close friends. We believe righteous unity is the path for the type of success we hope to encourage and directly influence in the African Community.


The word Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term that has been roughly translated "human kindness". This word, we feel, represents the heart and objective of our business, as it is our desire to empower, support and uplift African descendants in our local communities and spread abroad.


This human kindness, Ubuntu Soul LLC, will showcase and foster through areas we've personally observed to be in dire need of such care. These areas include but are not limited to:


Black Business/Brand Networking and Advertising
Family Enrichment
Ancestral/Cultural Research and Discovery
Education and Skill Development
Community Cohesiveness and Security
Arts and Entertainment
Ministry and Spiritual Awareness


All of this will be done in the spirit of our African Hebraic morals, principles and beliefs, as detailed in the Torah of Moses, thousands of years ago. As a business, moral integrity should be the capstone of any movement focused on the empowerment of our African people and we are excited about embodying our motto in an impactful way.


Ubuntu Soul LLC and its members and representatives, reserve the right to refrain from engaging in business, providing services to, receiving benefits of, any person(s) or entities that we feel will negatively affect, diminish, or contradict the core values and standards we believe and operate in; for any length of time or for a specified event to be held.

Support Us 

We  welcome any kind of support.  If you would like to help out, please contact us for a list of our most needed items or volunteer opportunities.


Ubuntu Soul LLC
817 Duncan Ave
Lansdowne, 19050


Phone: 215-687-9344

Email: ubuntusoul.llc@gmail.com

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